Our Philosophy/Mission Statement is One of Belief-

In Academics, We Believe

  • In Challenging each student to develop his or her own intellectual potential
  • In assessing and adapting programs to maintain academic excellence and promote lifelong learning

Concerning Community, We Believe…

  • Mind, body and spirit are nurtured through classroom and extracurricular activities that develop teamwork, fitness and creativity
  • In helping Students become responsible, caring individuals who are accountable for their own actions
  • In welcoming children of all faiths and school districts

Spiritually, We Believe…

  • Children are a blessing from God
  • In the dignity and value of each child, as they are created in the image of God
  • In helping students develop a personal relationship with God
  • In instilling our world view by integrating Christian values- such as faith, love , hope, courage, reconciliation and justice- into our curriculum.