Mass and Prayer Service Schedule:

September 5- Opening Prayer Service @ 9AM (led by Seton Faculty)

September 21- School Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 6th Grade)

October 4- Marathon Prayer Service @ 8:30AM (led by 6th Grade)

October 12- School Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 5th Grade)

November 15- Grandparent and Special Friends Day and Prayer Service @TBD (PreK-6th) 

November 1 (Thursday)- Mass for Feast of All Saints @ 8:30AM (led by 4th Grade)

November 20- Thanksgiving Prayer Service @ 9AM (led by 2nd Grade)

December 5- Advent Prayer Service @ 1:30PM (led by Kindergarten)

December 7- School Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 3rd Grade)

December 21- Christmas Prayer Service @ 9AM (led by 1st Grade)

January 4- Feast of Elizabeth Ann Seton @ 8:30AM (led by Seton Faculty)

January 27- Catholic Schools Week Parish Mass @ 10:30AM                                                                          (Student sign-up to come closer to event. Located at OLOL Church.)

February 1- Closing Catholic Schools Week Mass @ 8:30AM (led by First and Fifth Grades)

March 6- Ash Wednesday Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 3rd Grade)

April 5- School Mass @ 8:30AM (led by Kindergarten and Fifth Grade)

May 30- Feast of the Ascension Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 6th Grade)

TBD- May Crowning Prayer Service

June 7- First Communion Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 2nd Grade)

June 19- Godspeed Mass @ 8:30AM (led by 6th Grade)

June 20- End of School Prayer Service @ 10AM (led by TBD)