Leprechaun Stories

The children have been “writing” leprechaun stories to go along with the leprechauns they made. Here are their stories.

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“I want to catch a leprechaun whenever I can. I didn’t catch one before and I wish I could. I did not catch one yet. It is not easy to catch one. If my sister caught one she would give it to me and I would put him in a box and I like leprechauns. He would show me where his gold is. I wish the leprechaun can play with me. The leprechaun likes to play with people. Leprechauns like to eat food in your drawer. They like to eat at the dinner table. They sneak in the window. Me and my sister like leprechauns. They like dessert. They like counting. They like singing their ABC’s.”    -Anna

“If Layla saw the leprechaun she would eat him and then if she didn’t, we would use a crane and then catch him. He would show us his gold and then we could see it. I would take it. If we didn’t catch him we couldn’t see his gold.”      -Stella Y.

“If I had a leprechaun I would get a trap and ring the bell. If my brother would catch one I would lift him up and look at him the whole time and hold tight and then he would show me his gold. If I caught him I would squish him and then he would show me where his gold was. I wish I catched three leprechauns.”   -Sophie

“I can catch a leprechaun in a box and put like a milk container, clean it out and you can connect it to the inside and I can pull a string from the inside out and then I’ll catch it in the tissue box and you put a bed in it to be comfy and I want a little pillow to let his head be comfy and a hanger for his hat and clothes and a picture. I’m going to glue it and put tissue paper on the bed to make a blanket. A picture of a snowman to glue on. I want to do a little picture of little Barbie and a monster to make it decorated. And little smiley faces around the room.”   -Fiona

“I caught a leprechaun. I made a trap-a mousetrap-and caught it. I put him in my room and kept him there and I locked the windows so he couldn’t get out. When I left for school I forgot to close the door and he scrambled out!”  -Stella G.

“They like to run away from people so they don’t get trapped. They like to make a big mess in the sink. They like to sneak around you. They like to be funny. I saw like two on St. Patrick’s Day-one in the afternoon and one in the morning. I caught them. I trapped them and they stayed in there forever. They are still there in my house and they are making a mess!”  -Eleanor

“Leprechauns are Irish and are from Ireland. They hide from mousetraps. I wish I caught one then I could be Irish. They put glitter in your hair. They put paint on your back and they put your shoes in the tub and in the sink. They are sneaky. They make a mess. They make you all messy. They paint the toilet. They make the clock all messy if they had a ladder and if they had different color paint they would paint the markers and people would think it was the color they needed but it wasn’t. They make your clothes all messy. They paint your house and your food.”   -Colin

“I didn’t know that they run so fast until I looked at the book. I love rainbows and I know that leprechauns hide gold at the end of the rainbow and run super fast. Nobody can catch them in a trap and they are so small. They live outside and play in nature. They make messes in the house and they are very tricky. They sneak into your house and they play around. They hide from people and they make shoes for the fairies and get gold as money.”   -Abbi

“Leprechauns like hiding the gold from other people. Maybe they want to stay away from people and they want to hide behind trees. They are maybe fast so they can get away from the other tree so nobody could see them. They sometimes might want to hide their gold under the flowers. Sometimes they might want to hide their gold near the rainbow. The leprechauns are green and they wear hats. They wear black shoes. They sometimes like St. Patrick’s Day and the people who want their gold make leprechaun traps.”  -Naomi

“They hide gold at the end of the rainbow. They’re sneaky and they trick people. They like to sing their ABC’s. They are green and they look like they are little. People try to catch them because they are sneaky. They’re not showing their gold and they hide gold.”     –  Adrian

“Leprechauns like to hide gold under the rainbow and they get it from fairies. They make shoes for the fairies.”    -Deacon

“If I caught a leprechaun I would give it some gold. He would give me some gold back. I would give it to my little sister.”      -Madelyn

“He’s going to be under my bookcase and then he’s going to pull all of my furniture into the kitchen. He’s gonna squirt glue all over the kitchen sink and make things stick to eat. He’s putting all of the chairs into the living room. Mom and dad would say, “Dylan did you do this?” “No, I did not.”   -Dylan

“I didn’t caught one because I didn’t see one in my house. The leprechauns make shoes for the fairies. They hide their gold at the end of the rainbow. They’re sneaky. They hide.”        -Joe

“Leprechauns can hide in the snow. They could hide in the garbage and they would be smelly. They will hide in boxes then they could hide in the garden. I would catch one with a net so I could throw him in my garden. He will sneak out and go in the water.”  -Kaja


“A leprechaun’s little and a leprechaun uses his hammer so people know he’s there. They can get out of mouse cages. Leprechauns are so so so so tiny you can’t even see them. They are tricky to catch and they are mischief and they could make a mess.”   -Brady

“Leprechauns are tricky to catch and also fast and I can put them in a cage and to tell them “Where’s your treasure?” and I will sleep with them and I would eat dinner with them and play with them. He’s going to draw with me. He’s so little and he’s like a baby. He’s hard to catch. It has buckles on its shoes, its top is green and he can go in a rocket. It can make a snowman and he’s going to use a shovel to dig something for me in my sandbox.”   -Teo

“They are fast. You can catch them. You have to be super super quiet. You need stick tac and cows. You need a net to catch them. I want to find his treasure. I want to see a rainbow. I would put the treasure in daddy’s computer.”  -Noah

“A leprechaun can run so fast because it’s really small. I catched a leprechaun with my running feet. I trapped him. I made a trap out of bricks so he could never get out. When I trapped it, I ate it. When I ate it, I drunk it. I went to sleep. I waked up and had another one.”   -Charlotte