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Happy 2021…..

We are creating landscape artwork based on the Northern Lights, working with crayons, art stix and chunky salt. The Sixth graders will create work for the Yearbook, with Faculty voting to choose the front and back covers, and some pages inside. The Fourth and Fifth grades will be entering work in a National Education contest sponsored by a Catholic organization, entitled “Let All You Do Be Done With Love.” (1 Cor. 16:14)

In addition, I have posted these art plans below for students who will be learning from home. We miss you, and hope to see you back at School as soon as you can!

……Peace, Mrs. Bell


Polar Bears and the Northern Lights:
Grades Pre-K through Third will be creating different versions of the Aurora Borealis.

One sheet of 9×12 construction paper, with Winter colors in mind, like navy, light pink and blue, etc;
One sheet of white copier paper; white, black, green, pink, purple, blue and yellow
crayons or chalks; scissors

STEP 1: Make a horizon line and mountains with a dark crayon/chalk on light paper, and vice versa.
STEP 2: Create the sky, using greens, pink, purple, glue and yellow crayons or chalks. Add snow to the mountains with white and create an icy look below the horizon line for frozen water.


STEP 3: Sketch a simple symbol of a polar bear. Cut out the symbol.

STEP 4: Add some yellow dashes of color to the fur of the bear, and glue it toward the bottom of your paper.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: You can add a baby bear or two to your composition. You can also add trees and small houses to the edge of the “water.” Make this your own!


Class Schedule

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1:30-2:00      2M


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8:55-9:25      6K

12:10-12:40  1F

12:50-1:20    1S

1:30-2:00     PreK


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