Mrs. Bell
Welcome to Art

Happy Spring…..looking forward to the Easter Season!

We are creating Celtic Crosses for Lent with the older grades. The younger grades are making textured crosses with Easter symbols. When the Easter season arrives, we will be focusing on printmaking and Earth Day. Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter.

……Peace, Mrs. Bell


Here is a fun project for any age, using table salt with watercolors.


Materials: watercolor paints, watercolor paper or poster board, chalks/pastels/crayons, table salt

STEP 1: First map out your design with pencil.

Step 2: Paint a small section of your art and immediately sprinkle table salt onto the painted portion. Repeat painting and sprinkling salt, until your painting is done.

Step 3: Let the painting dry overnight. You will be surprised in the morning! You can also use chalks/pastels/crayons to add detail to you work. Enjoy!



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