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The Art Studio……….Week of May 31, 2020

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church; we will make one of my favorites, the giant birthday cake!

Materials: sheet of white paper, pencil, marker/crayons

STEP 1: Sketch the Cake
First we start by sketching a thin oval shape at the bottom of the page with a pencil. This is the plate. (I used a black marker so you can see it better. I also put tape over lines I wanted to erase.) Now let’s make the first layer of the cake. About an inch in from the left side of the plate, make vertical line A, touching the top of the plate and going up about 2 inches. Do the same with line B on the right side of the plate. Then connect the bottoms of lines A and B with a shallow smile line. Connect the top of lines A and B, with an oval shape.  Then erase the plate pencil line that is “behind” the cake. Done with the first layer…. The rest is easy!

STEP 2: Add the Layers
Now we can add the rest of the layers, just like the first. The layers get smaller as you go up. I have 4 layers on my cake, but you may want to add more…experiment! You can put marker over the pencil lines after you’re done sketching. Don’t forget to erase the pencil lines that look like they’re behind the cake.

STEP 3: Illustrate the Cake
I added borders, ribbon and little flowers to my design. I put a little church at the top. You can have whatever style of cake you would like….birthday, wedding, Father’s day or a summer theme. I will add crayon after markering over the pencil lines. Add a few symbols around the cake and you are all finished!

Take the Challenge: You can make a card or a painting out of your art and give it to someone. You can also teach another person the technique of making the cake. Have fun and get your idea factory working!


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