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The Art Studio……….Week of June 7, 2020
This is our last art project for the 2019-2020 School year. Thanks to everyone that participated and sent me photos of their work. Next week I will put Virtual Field Trip links on the art page. Our theme this week is the Summer Solstice, or the beginning of Summer, which arrives around June 21, in just a few weeks. Enjoy these long days of sunshine!

Materials: sheet of white paper, pencil, marker/crayons, paper/real plate, ruler

STEP 1: Outline the Sun and Moon
Get a paper plate, or real plate that you can trace. Get a white sheet of paper that is large enough to leave about 1-2 inches around the size of the plate. Using a ruler, measure the middle of the paper at the top and bottom. Place the plate in the middle, and trace the outline with a pencil. Then move the plate 2 1/2 inches directly to the right and trace half of the circle with your pencil. (This will be the moon.) Don’t trace outside the first circle. Then take a dark marker and go over your pencil lines.

STEP 2: Mapping Out the Face
The face of the sun/moon can be a fun, cartoonish face. I drew it a certain way, but of course, you can choose your own way. First measure half way down your circle to find the middle. This will be the bottom of the nose. Draw the nose down the middle of the circle, stopping in the center. Then, draw your left eye on the curved line of the moon, and your right eye across from it. I filled in the oval shape for the colored part of the eye, and a black smaller oval for the pupil. I then drew eyebrows and added some dots for fun. I put a teardrop between the nose and mouth. Then I added a big grin, and some lips, and the face is done! I added rays on the right for the sun, and stars on the left for the moon.

STEP 3: Coloring Your Art
I used colors for day and night, but you can experiment and choose what you like best. I outlined the face, features and stars/rays with black marker, and colored in with crayon. If you cover the sun with your plate, you can see the side of the moon with it’s eye and a smile. You could also add a background with a theme. The sky’s the limit!

Take the Challenge:
To take this project further, you could make a card with the image on front, and give it to someone. You could use fabric and create the image for a banner. You could also add words to send a message like Happy Summer, or Summer Solstice 2020 or Don’t Forget the Sunblock.


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