Music Class

Mrs. Snyder
Music Class

June 10, 2020

Hi Seton Students,

At the end of the school year I always like to share a video or two with you. Below are some favorites for you to enjoy.
I hope you have a wonderful summer and I can not wait to see many of you in the Fall. Class of 2020, I hope you will visit often. I wish you much success at your new schools.

Miss Snyder

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth
Go to Youtube and type in Stomp Out Loud or Pulse, A Stomp Odessy

Kindergarten, First, and Second
You could also go to Youtube and watch Stomp Out Loud.
Another fun video is anything from Fantasia 2000. Go to Youtube and type in Fantasia 2000 and you can choose which videos you want to watch. My favorite is the Flamingos with Yo Yos!

June 2, 2020

Hi Seton Students,
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the outside. Last week we made instruments and some of us listened to unusual instruments. Today I invite you to listen to some music from Harry Potter played bs sliding wet fingers over the edge of glasses filled with water. If your parents have glasses with stems you can try this too. The amount of water changes the sound of the glass. You can also try tapping any kind of glass with a wooden spoon or chopsticks. The amount of water changes how fast the glass vibrated. The faster the vibration the higher the sound.

First, listen to the sound of glasses being played.
Go to Youtube and type in MUSICAL GLASSES – Harry Potter Theme – LIVE

For grades 3-6
Ready for some science?

The Sci Guys: Science at Home – SE1 – EP8: Physics of Sound – Part 1: Singing Wine Glass

For grades K-2
Try this experiment.
Water Xylophone – Homemade Harmonies with Ellen Chang

I hope you enjoyed playing around with sound!

Miss Snyder

May 27, 2020 Seton

Hi Seton students,

It was so nice to see you yesterday. I hope you are staying cool! Thanks for the Library books. If you didn’t return your books there will be another opportunity in June. So lets enjoy some music this week.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Graders
This week I would like you to watch a video about Paraguay the people in this town are very poor and worst of all they live near a landfill full of other peoples trash. The people are called trash pickers because they go through the trash and pick out anything they can recycle and make useful. This is how they make money because then they sell whatever they have made. What does this have to do with music? You will see!
Go to Youtube and type in 60 minutes – The Recyclers: From trash comes triumph

Fourth graders you now have your recorders! Remember to play softly. Start with the first song “Mary Had A Little Lamb and see how many songs you can play. Be considerate of your pets and family. Always make the softest nicest sound you can. Keep your recorder in a safe place. We will play them more next year. Also please wash them in hot soapy water. Don’t boil them or put them in the dishwasher with the heat setting. You will melt them!!!!

Second and Third Grader
All sound is created by vibration. It could be air moving like when a flute is played. It could also be your lips moving when you make a buzzing sound. Here are the directions for making a Kazoo. If you don’t have the items used be creative. Sophie uses tongue depressors but popsicle sticks would work. Cardoard could also work. Go to youtube and type in How to Make a Popsicle Stick Kazoo | Sophie’s World

Kindergarten and First Grade
Are you ready to make a musical instruments? You will need a comb and a piece of wax paper or parchment paper for baking. Go to Youtube and type in How to Make a Comb Instrument
You can make a sound using the word doo to make your lips buzz! Experiment with your comb kazoo!

May 19, 2020

Hi Seton Students,

Hope you are doing well. Next Tuesday when you come to pick up your stuff from school please remember to bring your Library books. Put them in the trunk of your car. Your teacher will take them out when they put a bag with your things in it. I want to be sure the Library is ready for you in the Fall. Thanks!

Fifth and Sixth Graders

Now for the strange and odd. Go to Youtube and type in Top 10 Strangest Musical Instruments As you listen to these musical instruments think about the science of sound. Long stings are lower than short when played. Bigger is usually lower. Which was your favorite unusual instrument?

Fourth Graders

Your recorders and folders will be given to you in your bag of things. That means we can do some recorder work to finish the year.
Let’s review the notes on the staff. Go to Youtube and type in I Knew You Were Treble by Jeanette Young

Third Graders

You will be getting recorders next Fall. So we are going to spend some time reading notes on the staff. Go to Youtube and type in I Knew You Were Treble by Jeanette Young
Music is written on the five lines and four spaces of the staff. Remember our music rug! You will be reading the full staff starting with the notes B, A and G.

First and Second Graders

Time to move! Go to Youtube and type in John Jacobson Fight Song. Watch the video all the way through and then watch again adding the movement.


Time to move! Go to Youtube and type in John Jacobson Under the Sea. Follow the movements. Do more than once so that you can get all of the moves down

May 12, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Even though it has been cold and even snowy I see signs of Spring. So let’s celebrate Spring this week!

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth

Antonio Vivaldi was composing around the same time as Johann Sebastian Bach in the 1700’s. Vivaldi wrote music for orchestras which were much smaller that the orchestra we are familiar with today. One of his most famous compositions was called “The Four Seasons Watch and listen to this video.
Listening Guide to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Spring – Music History Crash Course
When the video gets to the first movement follow the notes. What you are seeing are the lines each instrument is playing. This is called a score. For this week just listen and watch the score for the first movement. If you want to you can continue to listen to the other two movements. I find Vivaldi’s music soothing. You may too!

Second and Third Grade

You can enjoy Antonio Vivaldi’s music too! This is a listening map. Follow along and see if you can hear the birds chirping and the thunderstorm! Go to Youtube and type in Spring: Animated Listening Map

Kindergarten and First Grade

Let’s listen to my favorite song about gardens. Soon farmers and gardeners will be planting seeds. We have to wait for the temperatures to be warmer! Go to Youtube and type in
Garden Song. The first video is really nice to watch.
After you listen to the song type in Plants Can’t Sit Still. Listen to the story. I never thought of plants as moving!!!

May 6, 2020

Hi Seton Students,

Thank you so much for the emails I have received for Teacher Appreciation Week.
It was so nice to read them and see pictures of some of you. Even a video!
This week started with May 4th. There was Star Wars stuff all over the internet because they were saying “May the Force Be With You”! So 4th was changed to Force! We will get to that later.

Sixth Grade
Check out the song “ I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. Did you listen to “Seasons of Love”? Let’s meet on Zoom again this Friday so we can finalize our plan. We will do 10:30 and Mrs. K will send you the invite. See you then.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders

Thinking about “Star Wars” on Monday made me think of John Williams. He is a composer who has written music for many movies I am sure you have seen. Can you imagine watching a “Star Wars” movie without music? For this week go to Youtube and type in John Jacobson Interviews John Williams. If you watch
“Indiana Jones” this Sunday evening you will hear John Williams music. “Harry Potter” movie fans also hear the music of John Williams.

First and Second Graders

Did you make your rain sticks yet with Mrs. Bell? I have been reading about rain sticks. I have heard that they were made by the Aztecs. These are people native to North America. Mainly in Mexico. Their rain sticks were made from a spiny cactus plant. They would let the cactus dry out. Then they would pound in the spines. Add some little stones and then cap off the ends. Go to youtube and type in “What’s Inside A Rain Stick”. A Dad and his son cut a rain stick in half so you can see the inside. You can also listen to how a rain stick can be played and used with music. Go to Youtube and type in Playing A Rain Stick with Music.

Tuesday was a Mexican Holiday Called “Cinco De Mayo”. Here is a video about a Mexican song. Watch and sing along. Go to youtube and type in KAIA Kids Around the World – The Music of México
I hope you enjoyed learning a song in Spanish!

Good Morning Seton Students,

I hope you are ready to keep learning about Music!   I also hope you are reading lots of books!  Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be posting assignments for you to do.  This is a new adventure for me but I have found some wonderful things for you to do that will be fun.  For students in Fourth through 6th grade we need to keep practicing our songs for our Spring concert.  I will post the links here for you so that you can sing along with lyric videos.   Singing not your thing?  Still take the time to listen.  You will learn the words and sing with your friends when we get back.

So check back later.  I should have everything for this week here by tomorrow!

I hope you continue to learn and grow these next few weeks.  Get outside whenever you can.  I am missing you already!

Miss Snyder

I would love to hear from you so email me and I will get back to you!

Music Class Update March 23, 2020

Music Class At Home

Dear Seton Students,

I miss you and miss making music with you! Here is some information to help you stay connected to music in the coming days.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grade- You can access your assignments using Google Classroom. Your access code is gdmhx5s New Assignments will be posted there by Wednesday of each week.

Second and Third Graders: We will be learning about the instruments of the orchestra. This week I want you to check out this reading of “The Remarkable Farkle McBride”. The author John Lithgow will read the story to you. It also includes great examples of each of the instruments of the orchestra. You may be familiar with this book. This version is really great.
Go to Youtube and type in The Remarkble Farkle McBride by John Lithgow.
Check back on this page each Wednesday for a new assignment.

Kindergarten and First Graders: You will also be listening to the instruments found in an orchestra. This week you are to watch the video “Peter and the Wolf”. Each character in the story has it’s own instrument sound to listen for. Ask for help looking for “DavidBowie Narrates Peter and the Wolf” on Youtube.
Check back here for a new assignment each Wednesday. Note to Parents-there are commercials in the middle of this. Teach your child to skip ads!

I would love to hear from you! You can email me at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have a question or just want to let me know how you are doing.

Hope to see you soon,

Miss Snyder