Music Class

Mrs. Snyder
Music Class

Good Morning Seton Students,

I hope you are all doing well. I have some fun activities for you this week. Check it out!

Kindergarten and First Grade

Remember our pizza and cheese rhythm patterns? here is a video that uses beets and cherries. Beet is like our cheese and cherry is like our pizza. By the way do you like beets? I do and I love the color they are! How about cherries? I don’t like cherry flavored foods but i love fresh cherries. So ask your parents or older brothers or sisters to help you go to Youtube and type in Sweet Beats Pilot. Follow the video. use your hands or find Something fun to play like cans or plastic tubs with pencils or some kind of stick. You are playing quarter notes (beet) and eighth notes

Second and Third Graders

You are also going go to Youtube and type in Sweet Beats Pilot.Play along with the video. This will be easy!!!! Now go to Youtube again and type in Sweet Beets 2. This video is more challenging. Avocado represents 16th notes and there are rests in this one.
Make it more fun and challenging by using household items like cans and plastic bowls. Hit them with pencils, pens, forks or any kind of sticks you may have. Chopsticks work great!

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Graders

Just like the younger students you will be working with rhythm this week. Go to Youtube and type in Musication Eine Kleine Nacht Musik. Eine Kleine is German for a little night music and was composed by Mozart. For this video you will need four different sounds. They have suggestions but use what you have around the house. Check your recycle bin. A can, plastic container or even a plastic cup will work. Then you need two sticks. Pencils or chopsticks work well. Watch the video all the way through first. Figure out what instrument you are going to use for each sound and then play along. If you can play two sounds try three. You may even be able to play all four. You can ask family members to play with you. next time I will have a more challenging play along for you!

There are many musical things going on even though people are staying home. There is a bagpipe player who plays Amazing Grace every evening for his neighbors in the Bushnel’s Basin area of Rochester. People in Italy are singing with each other from their balconies. I have watched many videos of local musicians playing their instruments just to bring joy. Staying home and not being with our friends and family is hard for everyone. Music can help you. Use whatever you have and rock out to your favorite song!

I miss you so much,

Miss Snyder

Music Class Update March 23, 2020

Music Class At Home

Dear Seton Students,

I miss you and miss making music with you! Here is some information to help you stay connected to music in the coming days.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grade- You can access your assignments using Google Classroom. Your access code is gdmhx5s New Assignments will be posted there by Wednesday of each week.

Second and Third Graders: We will be learning about the instruments of the orchestra. This week I want you to check out this reading of “The Remarkable Farkle McBride”. The author John Lithgow will read the story to you. It also includes great examples of each of the instruments of the orchestra. You may be familiar with this book. This version is really great.
Go to Youtube and type in The Remarkble Farkle McBride by John Lithgow.
Check back on this page each Wednesday for a new assignment.

Kindergarten and First Graders: You will also be listening to the instruments found in an orchestra. This week you are to watch the video “Peter and the Wolf”. Each character in the story has it’s own instrument sound to listen for. Ask for help looking for “DavidBowie Narrates Peter and the Wolf” on Youtube.
Check back here for a new assignment each Wednesday. Note to Parents-there are commercials in the middle of this. Teach your child to skip ads!

I would love to hear from you! You can email me at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have a question or just want to let me know how you are doing.

Hope to see you soon,

Miss Snyder