Science and Maker-Space at Seton

Mr. Rued
Welcome to Seton's Science and Maker Space!

Mr. Rued leads us in many explorations in our science lab and our Maker-Space!!!


Some things to try while you are at home!

NEW CHALLENGE!: Wind powered car!

Create a wind powered car…

Things to think about:

  • What am I going to make the frame of the car out of?
  • What kind of wheels should I use?
  • How am I going to attach the wheels to the car?
  • How am I going to put the sail on the car?
  • What will I make the sail out of?
  • What shape should the sail be?
  • After my first attempt, what improvements can I make?


Towers!: Create a tower out of straws or pencils or toothpicks and playdough

  • Use the playdough to hold your straws together
  • See how tall you can make it
  • It has to stand on it’s own!

Cardboard Vehicle: Create a car, truck or any other vehicle out of a cardboard!

  • Use cardboard (old cereal boxes, shoe boxes, packages) as well as other stuff to make a vehicle.
  • Will it be a land, water or air vehicle?
  • How will it move (roll, glide, float, sails)?
  • How can you make it move faster, straighter farther?

When you are done, and if you want to: Take a picture and put it on Seton’s Instagram page: setoncatholicrochester!