Music and Theater

Primary Theater Arts (Grades 1-3)

Step into the world of creativity and expression with Primary Theater Arts! This program is designed to give every young student an opportunity to shine on stage. Our dedicated teachers work closely with the students to craft a play that showcases their unique talents. Through this introduction to musical theater, children build confidence and teamwork skills that will last a lifetime.

Musical Theater (Grades 3-6)

Ignite your passion for the spotlight with Musical Theater Club Kids! Our program welcomes aspiring singers, dancers, and performers of all skill levels. In the Fall, join us for a showcase where our talented students present their artistic talents. And don’t miss our grand Spring show, a culmination of hard work and dedication. Rehearsals for the Fall showcase take place every Monday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

Guitar & Voice Lessons

Unlock the world of melody and harmony through our exceptional music teacher, Mr. Benjamin Morey. Offering expert instruction right here at Seton, Mr. Morey brings a wealth of musical knowledge to each lesson. To schedule enriching guitar and voice lessons for your child, reach out to Mr. Morey at [email protected].

Piano Lessons

Discover the timeless beauty of piano music with the guidance of Mrs. Morey, a seasoned and highly skilled musician. With years of experience teaching Seton students, she tailors her lessons to ignite a lifelong passion for playing the piano. To explore the world of piano music and inquire about lessons, contact Katie Morey at [email protected].