A Note from the Principal 10-29-21

A Note from the Principal 10-29-21
Friday October 29

A Note from the Principal 10-29-21

Hi Everyone!

Happy Halloween! Today students were allowed to dress down for the occasion. Thank you to all our

volunteers who organized parties and provided Halloween treats! The whole day was filled with fun! Please have a fun, safe evening on Sunday. This Saturday, Oct. 30th, the Brighton Regional Catholic Faith Formation will hold a Trunk or Treat event in our Parking Lots from 3:00-4:00. Check out the attached flyer.

Red Ribbon week has been a great time! Our 6th grade leaders planned daily events for the whole school centering around the idea of living healthy lifestyles. The door competition has been intense. Every classroom has done an outstanding job and should be proud of their creations. Thursday, our 6th graders served as judges and proclaimed Mrs. Moonan’s Door to be the best! Congratulations 2M!

Bravo to all!

With our first quarter of the school year concluding today, we are excited to start gearing up for the second quarter, as well as Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday!


Please send utensils for snacks and lunches if needed. It is one of our protocols for keeping down transmission rates. By sending in utensils from home you are helping us to stay safe.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for November’s Lunch Volunteers!

As a courtesy to the neighbors around school, please shut off the engine of your car while you wait for dismissal.


We are in desperate need of help with the installation of our Interactive Boards! If you can help, please sign up!


We are looking for volunteers to help cut out Mrs. Moonan’s wooden Christmas trees for the 2nd grade Christmas tree project. We have a 2’ simple pattern. This is a very short-term, high reward activity. We need people who have the tools and the know how! This is a great project for grandparents! If you can help, please let Mrs. Moonan know. [email protected] or call school 473-6604 and leave a message.


Thank you to all of the 2021 Seton Marathon volunteers!  We had great weather and great fun.  As always, we had another great marathon. Big shout outs to 5K (Highest Total $ Amount Per Class), 2M (Highest Total # Contributing Students), and 6Sh (Highest $ Amount Per Capita). Also a big bravo to Alanna Essler for the Highest Student Donation! Thanks again and congratulations to everyone for such a successful fundraising event! Thanks again to our committee: Sheila Campolieto, Christina Thrall, and Lisa Fleming.

Here are some totals and notes for you, I have also attached a chart for you to see!


Total Raised: $ 19,555.81 – more than $6,000 than past three years

Total Raised by PreK – $3,820.64 – more than $2,000 than past three years

Highest Total $ Amount Per Class: Mary Kate Koecheler – $2,354.17

Highest Total # Contributing Students: Karen Moonan – 21

Highest $ Amount Per Capita: Donna Shelley – $139.74

Highest % of Class Contributing to Pledges: Karen Moonan – 84%

Highest Student Donation: Alanna Essler – $625


This year it looks as though we will need to rely on parent drivers in order to go on field trips. We would like to get ahead of the situation and have parents all cleared to be drivers before we schedule any trips. In order to be cleared to volunteer as a driver, you will need to have completed your CASE training, your background check and your Volunteer Driver’s Form. If you have already completed your CASE training and your background check, you simply have to fill out the Volunteer Driver’s form and the additional background check form. On the background check form, check off “yes” on the second page where it asks “NYS DMV check required”. You do not need to provide a copy of your driver’s license because you provided it with your CASE training. Return all forms to the office. There is a copy of the Driver’s Form attached to this Newsletter. All volunteer paperwork is also available on our website:

If you are able to help us out, please fill out all the outstanding documents along with the needed identification and return it to the school office as soon as possible. Please note that it takes around two weeks for the Volunteer Driver approval to come back to school.


This year Seton has the wonderful opportunity to donate items (food and miscellaneous items) to the Dmitri House for Thanksgiving. The Dmitri House is a non-profit organization built upon the belief that every human being has immeasurable value. The Dmitri House offers food, shelter, and services that help people on their journey to self- sufficiency.  Please be on the lookout for a Sign-Up Genius to come out soon- we will be asking for specific items from specific grades. Thank you!


On Wednesday, the nurse’s office sent an email up-date reviewing the school policies on when to keep students home due to illness, COVID, or travel. It is also found in today’s Green Envelope.


November 12th is the last day of the first marking period. Report cards will be sent home with your child and made available to you on MSP on November 19th. Preschoolers do not receive a report card until the end of the 2nd quarter. If you are having difficulty accessing MSP, please contact Ms. Sullivan.  [email protected]


Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Zoom this year. Teachers are sending out Sign-up Geniuses for you to choose a time. Please be mindful of your time slot. Another parent will be waiting their turn! Parent/Teacher Conference days are ½ days of school for our students. They will be released at 11:15 am. To the best of our knowledge, busing will be provided by most districts with the exception of: Fairport, Rush/Henrietta, and Churchville/Chili. I would advise contacting your district for confirmation.


Our Picture Make-up Day is Tuesday, November 12. Any students who missed picture day or need to have their picture re-taken can come dressed up for their picture (out of uniform). Mrs. Scott will be sending an email with information for purchasing on-line.


With Christmas shopping around the corner, consider registering OLOL as your favorite “Amazon Smile” charitable organization. Seton is a ministry of OLOL and so all donations will benefit our school! Using this link below brings the user directly to OLOL’s Amazon Smile page and the user can start shopping!


Nov   2   No School- Election Day

Nov 10    1/2 day dismissals @ 11:15 am: Teacher Professional Development

Nov 11     No School– Veteran’s Day

Nov 12     School Mass Lead by 4F

Picture day re-take day

Nov 19     Report Cards available on MSP

Spirit Wear Day!

Nov 22 & 23 Parent/Teacher Conferences:

½ day dismissals @ 11:15 am

w/ Zoom conferences in the pm

Nov 24-28 No School– Thanksgiving Recess

Nov 28     Advent Begins

Dec   3      Barnes & Noble Book Fair & Art Show

Dec   6      Feast of St. Nicholas

Dec   8      School Mass

Dec 22      1/2 day dismissals @ 11:15 am: Teacher Professional Development

Dec 23-Jan 2 No School– Christmas Break