Note from the Principal 9-25-20

Friday September 25

A Note From the Principal 9-25-20

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for helping to keep our school community healthy and safe! Please continue to remember that your choices of how you spend your time outside of our school day directly impact all of us! Help us to keep our streak of in-school days going! The choices you make regarding attending outside events might directly impact all of us. If we all continue to sacrifice our higher risks social events, we can make it for the whole school year. I am grateful to all of you. Please remember, this is for just right now!

SETON MARATHON: Our Annual Seton Marathon for grades K-6 is set for Thursday, October 15th.  The modified Preschool marathons will be held on October 13th and 14th. Check with your PK teacher! Our Marathon rain date is Friday, Oct. 16th. More information will come home soon!

The Marathon is the PTA’s main fundraiser. The monies raised directly benefit your children by providing additional funds for school and classroom events. Please know that we will be practicing all of the healthy protocols we have implemented in school: masking, social distancing, hand washing, etc.)

Our kick-off prayer service will take place outside on the school lawn at 9:00 AM. We are looking for a DJ to help us out. If you have a connection, please let the office know.


Next week, an email blast will be sent to parents regarding the link for school lunches and information pertinent to hot lunch. Sign up as quickly as possible! No exceptions can be made for late orders! Please let the office know if you did not receive the email by Thursday.


This coming Wednesday, 9/30/20, is Picture Day! Preschoolers will have an additional day on 10/1/20. Children may dress up for school pictures! All orders are being handled on-line this year. No orders will come into school. Use the website: and use the order code: 51834BB to place your order.

Speaking of pictures, we love to feature our students on our website, on Facebook and Instagram! If you do not want your child/ren to appear on any of these media, please sign and return the No-Consent form found in the Green Envelope.

Check us out!

Instagram: setoncatholicrochester

Facebook: Seton Catholic School


The first Parents Teacher Association meeting was held on Wednesday, September 16th. The zoom meeting detailed many early school events. Minutes for all PTA meetings will be found on our website.

Our $20.00 PTA Activity fee is used to fund classroom and other school activities that directly benefit your children. If you haven’t sent in your mandatory fee, please send your check to school made out to Seton with “PTA Activity Fee” in the comment section.


Parents are expressing concern that some parents are spending a little longer time than necessary to get their children out of the car and into school. If you need to take a few extra minutes, please feel free to do so, but please pull into a parking spot. That way you can use all the time you need and not impact the rest of the parents who are trying to drop off and get to work!

Dismissal is getting better every day! Thank you for showing kindness and patience! We just ask that you continue to place the names of the children you are picking up on a piece of paper in your car passenger side window for our staff to see and to facilitate a quick exit.


Already this year we have an crazy amount of belongings in our lost & found! The lost and found can be found right inside the front door on the gray shelf. Please encourage your child to look there for any lost items.


Please be aware that this year our finance department has implemented a withdrawal policy for those withdrawing from our school or choosing to discontinue attendance in our Wrap-around Care Program. A school withdrawal requires a 45-calendar day notice and a Wrap-around Care withdrawal requires a 30-calendar day notice. A withdrawal request form can be obtained from the school office. [email protected]

The policy states:

“This Official Withdrawal Request form must be completed for students to withdraw. A 45-calendar day notice is required for all withdrawals from school programs to become effective. Students are to return all textbooks, library books and all/any equipment prior to departure. Failure to return all materials may result in delays in the withdrawal process and any refunds due and may result in additional fees.

  • Only the parent/legal guardian who enrolled the student may initiate a withdrawal;
  • 45-calendar day notice is required for a withdrawal to become valid;
  • Any refunds due, net of any fees or charges can take 6-8 weeks for processing;
  • New school information must be provided to facilitate records transfer.”


Details about our Opening Mass will come home next week. This year, we are starting out slowly because we needed to figure out exactly how to safely celebrate mass as a community. Fr. Tyman has come up with a marvelous solution! We will celebrate virtually! Our 6th grade class will serve as our mass leaders! As mass leaders, they will physically attend and participate in mass and the rest of us will attend virtually in our classrooms! Our teachers will act as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion for those of us who receive communion. We are excited to see how this goes.


As we begin the school year, please remember that all sacramental preparation is done in your home parish.

The Diocese of Rochester’s Policies for the Administration of the Sacraments states: “… Sacramental preparation programs of Baptism, First Penance, First Communion, and Confirmation are parish-based”.

Please contact your home parish for more information on First Communion and Reconciliation classes.


Please remember all birthday treats and special event snacks must be individually wrapped in order to have them shared with the class. Many teachers are requesting non-food items for celebrations. In addition, we are a peanut/nut free school. Remind your children that they are not to share their snacks or lunches with friends. If you are sending in birthday treats or any treats for your child’s classroom, please be sensitive to the needs to your child’s classmates. I know no-one of would ever want to be responsible for putting a child in danger.


Sept 30            Picture Day

Oct 9                No School: DOR Fall Conference Day

Oct 12              Columbus Day No School

Oct 13-14        Preschool Marathon Days

Oct 15               School Marathon

Oct 16              Marathon Rain Date

Nov. 3              No School: Teacher Retreat /also Election Day

Nov 11              No School: Veteran’s Day

Nov 17            Picture Day Make-up Day

Nov 25-27       Thanksgiving break