A Note from the Principal 7-17-21

Friday September 17

A Note from the Principal 9-17-21

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to a new school year at Seton Catholic School. I hope that your summer has been a memorable one with friends and family; even with the pandemic. All of our staff and I are blessed to be able to open another school year with your children. Our theme for this school year will be “Love is patient, Love is kind”. Jesus teaches us that love is about selfless giving. It fits so perfectly with how we choose to live our lives at Seton. Every day during our Morning Prayer time, I talk to the children about the importance of treating others as they themselves want to be treated. We talk about kindness, patience and compassion. As I walk the hallways, I see our children treating each other in just these ways! Thank you for reinforcing at home these same values.


Last year, we only sent out virtual biweekly envelopes. However, we found that many parents missed important information. This year our Parent Newsletter will be published on every other Friday and sent home. The attachments will be posted on the school website under the parent page. If you would rather not have hard copies sent home, you can email [email protected] to let her know.

This first brown envelope includes an incredible amount of information. Many of the paper flyers are items that need to be filled out and returned. Please consult our website often for more communications.

Our website’s parents tab is .

Found on our website:

To Be Returned to school:

  • Health Office OTC Letter & Form
  • Health Office Rx Authorization Form
  • Family COVID Commitment Form
  • Student Use IT Policy
  • Milk Order Form
  • Spirit Wear Form

A list of For Your Information Forms can be found at the end of this Newsletter.


This past Saturday we were blessed to host the Our Lady of Lourdes class of 1973. Back in 1973, this school was named Our Lady of Lourdes School. It went from 1st grade to 8th grade.

The reunion centered around honoring a dear former teacher and basketball coach, Mr. Tom Kinsella. Throughout the evening, they recalled how much he impacted their young lives and they attribute much of their success to him and their time here in this faith-filled, nurturing environment. It was so nice to share their time together and to listen to their shared memories!

In honor of Mr. Kinsella, the class paid for the renovation of our Basketball court. Because of them, we have new basketball goals, new striping, and new benches! There is a new plaque outside the courts. Check it out! Also, if you know of any of the graduates, thank them for their kind support of our beloved school and ask them about their days at OLOL/Seton!


This summer, thanks to our PTA and our Seton Foundation, we were able to purchase many new items that will make our school lives more enriched! The PTA paid to purchase new water filter stations so that our children can fill their water bottles. They also paid to purchase Science and Social/Emotional curriculum. Our teachers are so excited to use both! Because of your generosity at last year’s BLAST, the foundation was able to purchase 5 new interactive boards for our school! These boards will be installed in grades 3-6 classrooms. We hope to purchase 10 more boards in the near future!


The Seton Picnic is an annual tradition to welcome the start of school. This year, we got together this past Sunday, Sept. 12 from 11:00-2:00. We picnicked on the lawn outside of school, played on the playground and played basketball on our beautiful new courts! Netsin’s Ice Cream Truck was a big hit and everyone had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came! If you missed out, plan to join us for our next celebration!


Please be aware that parents/guardians must notify the Main Office at 585-473-6604 to report student absences.  If you would like to let their teacher know you may, however it is not necessary as the office ensures that all teachers are notified.  If there is a sibling you would like schoolwork brought home with, please let the office know.


Should the need arise for your child to leave school before the 2:00 pm dismissal time, you must notify the school office and your child’s teacher the morning of or day before the early dismissal is requested. It is mandatory that a parent or other member of the immediate family come for the child at the school office and sign the child out. If the person is not known, the school office will require photo identification and permission directly from you to release your child.

We know that circumstances arise where you may not be able to notify the school in advance of an early dismissal or a change in transportation.  If this happens you must call the office no later than 1:45 pm. Due to increased activity near dismissal, we cannot guarantee that emails or phone messages will be retrieved after that time to accommodate changes in dismissal for your child.

This year…

Anytime a parent or family member is coming into the building for an event or volunteering, he/she must stop at the office and sign in before going elsewhere in the building. Parents may not enter the classroom during instructional time unless they have made an appointment with the teacher. All visitors must stop by the Main Office, sign in and wait until the office has alerted the teacher of your arrival. Entering our school from anywhere other than the front doors is never allowed. No student may be taken off campus during Lunch/Recess without a parent signing the student out at the Seton Office. This is a matter of safety; our staff must be able to account for all students at all times.

PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING that your child brings to school (boots, hats, mittens, sweatshirts, etc.). Lost and found items are kept in the main office.


It’s time to place your order for milk for lunch! The deadline is this coming Friday, Sept 24th. This order encompasses September 27, 2021– January 28, 2022 and is charged to your FACTS account if you choose to participate.


Wednesday September 30th is School Picture Day! All orders will be handled on-line this year. There is information in the attachments!


Chilly days are coming! Many students forget their coats on the first few cold days and then they are cold when they go outside for recess and outside learning.  Please help your child remember their jacket so they can better enjoy themselves outside!


The first Parents Association meeting was held this past Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. via zoom. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Watch for the minutes which will be posted on our website. Thank you for supporting our PTA! Everything done by the PTA is to benefit your children!


Scout are looking for more recruits! Come out to their fall kickoff, a Bike Rodeo, at Seton on Saturday September 18th from 1-3:30.  Call 473-8173 with questions or for more info.

Also, if you are interested, here is a nice video about what scouts is all about.

Pack 65 – 2021 Fall Recruitment – SD


As we begin the school year, please remember that all sacramental preparation is done in your home parish. The Diocese of Rochester’s Policies for the Administration of the Sacraments states: “… Sacramental preparation programs of Baptism, First Penance, First Communion, and Confirmation are parish-based”. Please contact your home parish for more information about

First Communion and Reconciliation classes.

Elizabeth Krutell Awarded Gerry Giehl Memorial Scholarship at Mercy

Alumni Elizabeth Krutell received the Gerry Giehl Memorial Scholarship at Mercy High School. It is awarded to an Algebra 2/Trig Honors student who has maintained an exemplary average throughout the past year. The scholarship was established to commemorate the late Gerry Giehl, a dedicated former math teacher at Mercy from 2002-2009. He believed persistence, hard work, humor and a positive attitude were necessary to excel in mathematics and in life. This scholarship is awarded to a student who not only shows high skills in mathematics, but also Mercy’s Core Values embraced by Mr. Giehl. Congratulations, Elizabeth!


Check out our website for calendar information and other important notices!

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  • Request for updated Physicals
  • Dental Health Certificate
  • Peanut Free Snack List
  • Health Screening Flowchart
  • Parent Information & Communication Flowchart
  • Media Release Statement
  • Picture Day Flyer
  • The Submarine School of Music Flyer


Sept 24 Opening mass

OLOL Church 8:30

whole school will attend

Sept 29  Picture Day PK-6

Sept 30  Picture Day PK

(those who do not attend PK on Wednesdays)

Oct 5-6  Preschool Marathon Day

(2 days so all can join in on their scheduled school day!)

Oct 7      School Marathon

Oct 8      No School:

DOR Fall Conference Day

Oct 11   Columbus Day No School

Oct 15   School Mass

OLOL Church 8:30

Oct 22    Marathon dress-down day:

Everyone dresses down to celebrate our successful Marathon!

Oct 25-29 Red Ribbon Week

Oct 29    Halloween Dress-down day

(wear holiday colors! No costumes please)

Nov 1      All Saints Day mass

OLOL Church 8:30

Nov 2      No School: Election Day

Nov 10    ½ day of school-

Teacher Professional development

Nov 11     No School: Veteran’s Day

Nov 22-23           ½ day of school –

Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov 23     Thanksgiving Dress-down day (wear holiday colors!)

Nov 24-26 Thanksgiving Break

Nov 28      Advent begins

Dec 6        Feast of St. Nicholas