Note from the Principal 9-2-20

Wednesday September 2

A Note From the Principal 9/2/20

Dear Parents,

All the teachers and staff have been at school for the last few weeks and everything is coming together! We are so excited to have your children back in the building!

I am happy to report that as of this very minute Seton Catholic School is COVID19 free! We need your help to keeping it that way.  We are asking our children to wear masks throughout the day because it is the number one way to prevent the spread of COVID.  As with everything we do at Seton, everything is done with kindness and compassion. We understand that there will be a learning curve for all students especially our youngest. We plan to give plenty of mask breaks, and will encourage our children to do their very best to keep their friends and themselves safe.

In addition, Nurse Ann will be visiting all of the classrooms in the first few days of school to teach proper handwashing and good personal hygiene. She has already made a video to share!  She will talk about ways to keep our bodies healthy and strong.  We will encourage frequent hand washing, use of tissues, coughing into our elbows, and use of hand sanitizer. Keeping our space clean is key!

Your responsibilities at home are just as important. Please be sure to take your child’s temperature at home before they come to school. Do not send them if they have a temperature of 100.0⁰ or over or are showing other symptoms. Do not give them pain reliever to mask cold symptoms and send them to school. Come immediately to school to pick them up if you are called.  You are the first line of defense! If everyone in conscientious about following our protocol, we can keep our kids in school 5 days a week but we can’t do it without you. Have a backup plan when they are sick. AND they will be sick! If you are in doubt, contact your physician for direction.  The diocese is looking to provide us with access to a COVID screening app for your use for before school! As soon as we have more information we will send it out to you.

Finally please avoid becoming relaxed with your efforts at home. Avoid social gatherings where masks and social distancing are not adhered to. COVID has not gone away. It is in our community even if we feel we are safe. This will not last forever. Keeping our whole community safe needs to be our priority.


Tomorrow I will talk about:

  • Virtual school tours!
  • Lunch
  • 1st day is a Non-uniform day
  • Supplies
  • Birthday celebrations (Change)
  • New teachers


I’m praying for you!