Note from the Principal 9-3-20

Thursday September 3

Note from the Principal 9-3-20

Hi Everyone!

Virtual school tours!

As mentioned yesterday, our teachers and staff put together videos to make the first days easier for our children! This link will take you to the results! In its current form it’s one long video. Nurse Anne starts us off with training in handwashing. Kindergarten’s procedure for entering the building follows and it finishes with a look at how the grades 1-6 will enter the building and what to expect. Preschoolers have already met with their teachers personally! Our hope is that these videos will ease some of the anxiety and stress surrounding coming into the building for the first time.


New teachers

Please welcome the following teachers to our community! We are so fortunate to have some new teachers and a returning teacher, and are excited to have you get to know them!

Mrs. Marissa Smith: Kindergarten

Mrs. Sara Stafford: 1st grade (previously in preschool and in 1st grade)

Ms. Jessica Cole: 5th grade

Ms. Mary Beth Sullivan: 5th grade


1st day is a Non-uniform day

As it always has been, the first day of school is a dress down day at Seton! Students may wear school appropriate clothing! When choosing an outfit, please remember “Good Taste – Modesty – Cleanliness – Propriety – will be expected at all times”. Starting on the second day of school, uniforms will be required. Please see the attached uniform policy as a reference.


Birthday celebrations (Important Change)

As with every facet of school life, and much to our disappointment, our birthday celebration policy has had to change. Beginning this year, no homemade snacks or treats, or store bought items (e.g.: Wegman’s or Walmart cupcakes, cookies, bakery items, cookie cakes…) will not be allowed. This year only prepackaged individually wrapped snacks will be allowed in the building for celebrations. Many teachers are asking for non-editable treats. Please help us to keep our children as stress free and as safe as possible by preparing them for this change and following this new policy.  Non-prepackaged individually wrapped items will be returned home.


Also, please be aware of food allergies in your child’s classroom.  Strive to treat your child’s classmates as you would want your child to be treated. We have many severe peanut, dairy, and other food allergies in our building. Remember, our school is “Peanut/Nut Free”. Check with the classroom teacher before sending anything in. Thank you for helping.


Brown/Green Envelope

Our Brown/Green Envelope comes out every other week.  In the past, parents have had the option of having paper (Brown Envelope) copies sent home. This year we will cut down on the chances of COVID transmission by only providing access to the Green Envelope on the School’s website. We will send you an email notifying you when it is posted.



Our hot lunch program does not start until October. A notice will be sent home when the Lunch Portal is open. Until then every student must provide their own school lunch in addition to their daily snack. Please be aware that our school is “Peanut/Nut Free” and take this into account when packing your child’s lunch.


Milk will be provided beginning on the first day of school. An order form will be included in the first Green Envelope. Until the start date for milk orders, all students will be allowed to have milk free of charge.


Supply Drop-off and Used Uniform Sale

Tuesday, September 8th is our school Supply Drop off Day! We ask that you do not get out of your cars! Each teacher will have a sign designating their area. Have all of your supplies marked with your child’s name and place them in your trunk. When you pull up to your teacher’s area, they will take your supplies out of your trunk.

Our PTA has graciously provided lanyards for every student in our school! The teachers will give them to you during drop off. If your child has already dropped off their supplies, your child will bring it home on the first day.

Once you’ve completed your drop off, you are welcome to park and visit the Used Uniform Sale. Please be very mindful of mask wearing and social distancing! If you aren’t comfortable shopping, our volunteers are happy to fill orders for you. See the attached form.


Tomorrow I will talk about:




I’m praying for you,