Seton's Plan for Re-Opening

Friday July 31

Seton's Plan for Re-Opening

Good Morning Everyone!

After much work and effort by our re-opening committee, I am proud to say our Plan for Re-Opening has been submitted and approved by NYSED. I have added a copy to in the “Parents” tab at the top of this page under “Green Envelopes” for your viewing. It will be post on our home page as soon as possible. Now that we have our plan the teachers and I will be working to make it all a reality!

On another note, I know many of you have heard that Seton has a waiting list! My goal with the waiting list is to be able to open another section of as many grade levels as possible. I want to do this because then I can spread out our own families into smaller class sizes. While I think that we will be fine in classes of 20, if we get enough, we can go down to classes of 16. Less kids per class is a very good thing! Spread the word! Let’s invite new families to join us!

Have a nice weekend,