Music, PreK – 3rd

February 2023

Music class at Seton Catholic School is for everyone from 3 year old students on up through Sixth grade. Each class meets once a week for 40 minutes. Each class period is full of musical activities including singing, listening, movement and playing instruments. The emphasis is on the enjoyment of music through active music making.

For our younger students class includes songs, poems and chants, free movement and folk dances, and music games that teach skills such as reading rhythm or notes.

As students grow in their experiences and development, activities
include all of the above as well as learning about the music of different cultures. Famous composers are introduced and styles of music like Jazz are part of the curriculum.

Fourth grade students learn how to play the recorder. Fifth graders this year are also playing recorder. They were unable to during Covid. Note reading becomes very important. Ukuleles will also be introduced.

Sixth graders look forward to playing ukuleles and keyboards. Their understanding of note reading and chord playing is strengthened as they learn these instruments. Sixth graders also have the opportunity to be Cantors for school Masses.

Preparing music for Masses and prayer services is an important part of music in our Catholic school. Lyrics from hymns and the psalms help us pray with music. Students experience how to be active participants in our Liturgies by learning responses, singing, and Liturgical ministries like being a Lector. My hope is that they will continue their participation outside of school as they grow in their faith.

The Music Room at Seton Catholic School is a very busy place! Whether students are preparing for a Mass, a school concert or just having fun we are always working on making beautiful music together!

Miss Karen Snyder