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Want to know what we are up to?  Here is our curriculum for the 2022-2023 school year!

Unit 1: Class Culture/Ice Breakers and Cooperative Activities (PreK-6)

Unit 2: Flag Football (3-6), Movement/Space (PreK-2)

Unit 3: Halloween Games (PreK-6)

Unit 4: Gymnastics (PreK-6)

Unit 5: Target Activities (PreK-6)

Unit 6: Cooperative/Team Building (PreK-6)

Unit 7: Basketball (PreK-6)

Unit 8: Tennis (3-6), Striking w/ Implements (PreK-2)

Unit 9: Track & Field (2-6), Movement/Space (PreK-1)

Unit 10: Striking & Fielding (PreK-6)

Unit 11: Yard Games (PreK-6)